Katie's 8th Grade History

The Phoenicians

*First type of Hebrews
~Became good sailers, spread trade
~Treaties- agreements
~many independent city states
~same religion didnt get along
~crowded, sea port trading center
*Gods and Godesses/Religon
~many gods
~worshiped on hill sides built temples
~holy of holies, sacred room
~only priest allowed
~life after death
of Phonecia- permanent settlement
~1st started from Egyptian hieroglypics
~Canaanites changed it phoenicians used it
~22 symbol of letter system
~Greeks, Romans, and later English all used

The Hebrews

The picture above is a timeline of the Hebrews life.
The timeline says
*1800 B.C. Abraham talks to Yahweh
1800 B.C. settled in Canaan
1800 B.C. Abraham leads some Hebrew to Canaan
1700 B.C. left Egypt
1100 B.C. Exodus
1100 B.C. Commandments
722 B.C. Israelites disappeard
586 B.C. Judeans forced to move to Babylonia
516 B.C. They returned