Katie's 8th Grade History

(: THE NILE !!!! :)

One thing we learned about was the shadoof.  When the Nile River floods people dig a basin which stores the water and then they use a shadoof to get the water out of the basin to water crops.  Also when the Nile would flood it would cause the soil to be fertile and it would make it easier to plant crops, and it helped with less foreign invasions.  As you can see the Nile was very useful.  We also just learned about the Old Kingdom, this talks about how things used to be in Egypt.  For example how they had a Pharaoh and pyramids.  They also had mummies, which was just dead bodies wrapped in cloth.  The rich people when they were embalmed and put in coffins they were placed in tombs.  When the poor people were just buried in a cave or in the sand.

*Ahmose: Founded another line of pharaohs and began the new period known as the New Kingdom.  Egypt became richer and cities grew.  He was the prince and defeated Hyksos.

*Akhenaton: Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akenaton closed temples of Amon-Re, new religion, worshiped one god name Aton

*Amon-Re: Combined god, most powerful god, many temples built in his honor, god of the sun and city

*Aton: was worshiped by Akhenaton/ Amenhotep IV

*Hatsheput: She was interested in trade adn building temples, she didn't believe in war

*Isis: Ruled over dead, and underworld

*Narmer: King of upper Egypt also known as Menes he lead armied from the valley north into the delta

*Osiris: God of the harvest and eternal life

*Thutmose III: Began an army with 20,000, extended Egyptian control into Syria and Palestine

*Tutankhamen: was Amenhotep IV son in law, and after he died Tutankhamen became pharaoh at 9 years old

A pyramid from old kingdom Egypt