Katie's 8th Grade History
*The Germans

Clan- family group

Chieftain- military leader

Blood feuds- family revenge

Oath-helpers- lawyer

Ordeal- severe trial

Wergeld- fines


Strengths were they had their own culture, stopped blood feuds, and tried to bring peace.

Their weaknesses were that they had not treated everyone equally.


     Later on the East Goths were taken over by the Huns, which had made the West Goths turn to Rome and ask for protection.


*Vandals crossed the Mediterranean Sea and turned into pirates, then began attacking cities, and they also went to Africa.


*The Roman empire in the west had been replaced with six major and great minor Germanic Kingdoms.


378 A.D. - Battle of Adrianople

410 A.D. - Romans captured by West Goths

455 A.D. – The Vandals attacked and burned Rome

476 A.D. – German named Odoacer took control

550 A.D. – Roman empire in west faded

*The Franks


*first Germanic king to accept the Catholic religion.

*unhappy with the Frankish gods

*decided if he defeated the enemy he would become Christian

*He became a Christian

*The Pope and other church officials gave Clovis their support

*In return for the Church’s help Clovis was expected to protect the Church against all non-believers

*extended rule to France and Germany

*set up capital in Paris

*Latin the Official language

Chales the Hammer
*Instead of keeping the kigdom united it was split between two sons, the sons fought over their shares of land
*They spent so much time and energy fighting that they lost much of their power to local nobles
*It was not long before the Franks began to accept the leadership of a government official known as the "mayor of the Palace"
*The mayor was a noble and the most important official in the kig's houshold
*as the Frankish kings grew weaker the Mayors took over many of their duties
*In time Mayors were conducting wars, giving out land, and settling disputes
*Most powerful Mayor was Charles Martel
*Charles Martel became known as "The Hammer" because of his strenght in battle
*in 732 he led the Franks in the Battle of Tours and defeated
*The Battle of Tours was a war over Christianity
*When Charles died his son Pepin became Mayor of the Palace
*Pepin removed the king and created a new dynasty
*Pepin was the first Frankish king to be anointed by the Pope

Charlemange set up a new Government tied with Christianity
*The serfs didnt have time for religion because they were to busy farming
*After Pepin died his kingdom was divided between his two sons
*The West Frankish kingdom became Frace after Charles recieved the area to the west
*Charlemagne brought all of western Europe under his control
*Charlemagne changed religion to Christianity
*The scholars were middle class
*Nobles upper class
*Serfs lower class
Irish and the Anglo-Saxons